MapWorks UX: Experience Strategy Review, Report, & Roadmap

Comprehensive analysis, report, and roadmap for the growth of your product or platform.

2-Week Sprint | Flat Rate, No Retainers | Actionable Project Roadmap

Stagnant Revenue Growth? Increasing Customer Churn? Low Conversions?…and you can’t figure out why?

A MapWorks UX Review helps you plot the course to accelerated growth, and delivers a comprehensive roadmap of actionable recommendations that are prioritized to help your team plan and strategize your sprint calendar…all in just 2 weeks!
How it Works

Kick it Off


Once your MapWorks UX Review is scheduled, we review your objectives and create a project strategy document that will guide the review and planning process.

Dive Deep


I dig in to a comprehensive UX Review of your marketing website /product funnel, SaaS platform, or digital product, providing regular progress updates and feedback along the way.

Deliver the Goods


Together with your internal team, we walk through the findings in-person, cover all of the growth opportunities that were found, and you get a prioritized roadmap with recommendations on where to focus your efforts next.

What’s Included?

Comprehensive UX Review and Report


Astep-by-step visual snapshot of your marketing website/product funnel, SaaS platform, or digital product that focuses on key opportunities and suggestions to improve your product’s user experience – all based on your key objectives and business goals.

  • Detailed screen-by-screen analysis with notes and feedback on the interface & user flow of your product
  • Recommendations on where to optimize next based on your specific business goals
  • Documented strategies to improve your conversion funnels

Actionable Roadmap


Once the review is completed, all of the findings are compiled into actionable sprints by common themes and areas of opportunity. We review the opportunities together, and you get a near-term sprint calendar that focuses on utilizing the findings and recommendations to make the biggest impact for your organization.

  • Prioritized sprint recommendations to help your organization reach it’s goals
  • Detailed goals & metrics guide along with the expected impact to your objectives
  • Sprint timeline estimations to help structure your team’s workflow

MapWorksUX was developed to quickly deliver valuable, actionable insights that could otherwise take internal teams months to uncover.

Whether looking for a jumpstart to a new product or project, or insight and guidance midstream, 2 weeks is all it takes to make sure your efforts and metrics moving in the right direction.

MapWorks UX Product Report and Roadmap


What can MapWorks UX Review do for me?

MapWorksUX is tailored to deliver results based on your specific business objectives and can help:

  • Identify contributing factors that could impact e-commerce shopping cart abandonment or user churn
  • Find ways to improve user conversion
  • Spot ways to improve product usability
  • Uncover areas of missed revenue growth opportunities

Who is MapWorks UX Review for?

MapWorksUX is perfect for:

  • Agile Development teams in fast-moving environments
  • Product Managers in need of actionable user insight
  • SaaS Companies or fast-paced startups with an established product/market fit looking to take the next step
  • Marketing Teams that want to improve their user engagement: acquisition, activation, retention, or referral.

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