Custom UI Audit

Gain strategic perspective and actionable insights with a detailed screen-by-screen-analysis of your web-based SaaS or mobile app interface.

Comprehensive User Interface Audit | Flat Rate, Customized to Your Needs | Actionable, Goal-Centered Report

Are free accounts not converting as much as they should be?



Are your users having trouble completing core tasks?



Has your UI become cluttered and unfocused due to feature add-on’s?



Do you see the same support issues surfacing time and again?




This user-centered analysis of your Web-based SaaS or mobile application examines the functionality, design, and experience of the product interface with a business-critical, goal-centered focus.

Even the most amazing SaaS back-end won’t be a great digital product unless it is intuitively functional and enjoyable to use.


While excellent User Interfaces and Experiences are a competitive advantage, poorly thought out experiences and bad interfaces can be a bottleneck for your product and a liability for your organization.



The Custom UI Audit is based on your key objectives and business goals, so you get an actionable roadmap for improving the functionality, engagement, and usability of your digital product that you can put into action immediately.

Who is the Custom UI Audit for?

SaaS Owners

…looking for insight into improving the UI/UX of their product.


…who need objective user-centered product analysis.

Organizations with

…established revenue streams who want to improve their top line growth by improving their digital experience.

Project Managers

…who are experiencing “forest for the trees” issues with their digital products and need a perspective assessment of their product’s interface and experience.

What is Included in the Custom UI Audit?

Strategy Kick-Off

Once your Custom UI Audit is scheduled, we review your product vision, the issues that you are looking to address, and your objectives with the audit. From that meeting, I create a project strategy document that is shared with all stakeholders and will guide the UI Audit process.

After the Strategy Kick Off is completed, I get to work. A typical UI Audit Report takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  The audit findings, report, and roadmap are delivered as a PDF report and are comprised of 4 main areas of focus.

Application Snapshot

You get 10,000 ft view of the interactivity, tasks, and user flows of your application. This commanding perspective delivers insights into how all the screens in your app fit together and we get a clearer view into the pain points or bottlenecks in the overall experience.

User Flow/Task Analysis

Reports on the Onboarding Process, Ease Goal Completion, & Use of Persuasive Design as they inform and guide the user journey throughout the experience.

Action/Animation/ Transition Analysis

Do the transitions and animations of your app elevate your product, or send them crashing to earth?


We look at the transitions and animations within your interface from a user flow perspective and report on anything that disrupts or runs counter to the product’s User and Task Flows. This helps ensure that the details of your product help your users achieve their goals, and you business reach its objectives.

UI Inventory

Catalogs the styles, colors, fonts, use of imagery, notifications, and reports on the overall design system functionality of the elements within the product interface.

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